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Mountain Sun Farm

Mentone, Alabama

Mountain sun farm is a csa farm run by brian and liz simpson. We currently pack 380+ shares each week, all solely with produce grown on our farm. Our farming methods prioritize ecological diversity and improving soil quality through intensive cover cropping, crop rotation, organic fertilizers, promoting beneficial insects, and only using naturally-occuring omri-approved pesticides that are not synthetic and can be used safely alongside all the non-pest life on the farm (birds, frogs, humans, insects, ect.). 2023 is our 9th season farming full-time as self-employed farmers with no off-farm jobs - and we're now raising a wee-wun on the farm, too.

General Info


Brian and Liz Simpson


467 County Road 630 Mentone, Alabama 35984





Date Modified

September 26, 2023

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