Is Your Organic Food Actually Organic?

The USDA has failed to enforce important aspects of the organic law. As a result, it has become ever harder for small to mid-sized farms to survive while staying true to organic principles. In the face of the corporate theft of the USDA seal, the organic community united in creating the Real Organic Project. We are championing an “add-on” label for greater marketplace transparency.

Food Grown In Fertile Soil

Farmers across the country have come together to build the Real Organic Project. Now, we need YOU to join hands with our farmers and help grow the movement Meet Our Farmers Dave Chapman: Why we exist Get Certified No-Till, No-Spray, Ecological Farming

Animals Raised On Pasture

Moving animals on pasture is healthier for the land, the livestock, and the people eating the food. Real climate friendly farming is based on animals moving to their feed rather than the other way around! Unpacking the Industrial Takeover of Organic Why Chemical Companies Attack Organic But Join Regenerative Pasture Based Poultry and Domestic Grain in Texas Know Your Farmers: Alderspring Ranch

A Dedicated Community

The Real Organic Project is farmer-led, but we will not succeed with out the active support of all citizens, both in supporting us in the marketplace and helping to spread the word. Our Boards Leah Penniman: Revolution Based on Land Fair Wages, Land Ownership + Abundance Vs. Scarcity Social Dynamics Of Food, Farming, and Climate Change

Animals Raised on Pasture A Dedicated Community

What it Means to Be
"Real Organic"

We refuse to let Big Ag define what it means to be ‘organic’. We grow food in the soil, not hydroponically. We raise livestock on pasture, not in confinement. As we lose trust in the USDA, Real Organic remains exactly what organic was always intended to be.

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Organic fixes problems. Organic agriculture is our best path towards greater health, greater animal welfare, greater social justice. Together we can make sure we provide a real alternative to the chemical agriculture industry.

A child stands in front of a pile of soil and tractors at a "Keep Soil In Organic" Rally.

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A handful of highly respected organic certifiers have created a position paper on why they refuse to certify hydroponic production. Real Organic Project has been part of these meetings and together we have created a short public statement that we are asking you to sign on to today.
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Whether we are gathering virtually for a special book club with the author or together in person, there is always a lot going on at Real Organic Project. By becoming a Real Friend of the project you can ensure we are successful in our effort to save organic.
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