Farmer-led and backed by a community of organic eaters

Thousands of farmers and hundreds of thousands of eaters who share the same beliefs want to support REAL organic agriculture. Here’s how you can help! We ask for your voice and time to act on this CALL TO ACTION! You have the power to effect change and an important step in reinvigorating the organic movement is to use your purchasing power to uncover the truth about organic labels.

Here's the ASK!

Ask Produce

Reach out to five stores and ask the produce manager if the certified organic berries, tomatoes, peppers, greens, and herbs were grown in soil. Or were they hydroponic?

Ask Dairy and Meat

Or, ask the dairy and meat departments if the certified organic milk, eggs, and meat were from pasture-based farms or from factory farms (CAFOs).

Lean more about CAFOs Here

Report Back

Tell us what you’ve learned, which stores you reached out to and the results of “just asking” your local stores
Please share your experience and fill out the form below with your results.

Our collective voice to “Just Ask” will push retailers to listen and to learn that there is a community that wants REAL organic food as opposed to misleading marketing or outright lies.

Just Ask

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Answer from store rep. on if thier products are soil grown, hydroponic, CAFO, pasture raised, etc.

What was the reasoning the store rep. gave for their answer, or how were you able to confirm or dispute their reason.