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A child stands in front of a pile of soil and tractors at a "Keep Soil In Organic" Rally.

Sign the Petition

Hydroponics getting certified as organic is not a settled issue. Support the certifiers who have integrity by signing the petition to keep SOIL in organics
Sign the Petition

Write to your Elected Officials

Elected officials have the power to shape and influence agricultural policies at local, state, and national levels. Express your concerns and support for organic farming.
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Shop With Purpose and "Just Ask"

An important step to supporting the movement is using your purchasing power to affect change. We ask for your voice and time to act on this call to action! You have the power to effect change and an important step in reinvigorating the organic movement is to use your purchasing power to uncover the truth about organic labels.Here are some easy ways to get started.

A project begins with a protest that ends with, “we’ll be back tomorrow, and we’re bringing our friends.”
– Seth Godin


Embrace organic farming, promote organic products, and share your journey with friends and family. Inform those around you about the benefits of eating organic, and engage with our community. You have the power to inspire and influence others to make better food choices.

  • Tell farmers about Real Organic Project’s free certification

    Encourage organic farmers to adopt the Real Organic Project label to help promote transparency and integrity within the organic farming community.

  • Promote and follow us on socials

    Help raise awareness! Spread the word about the importance of higher organic standards! You can advocate, educate and empower others with your passion for organic.

  • Host a fundraiser with friends

    Gather your friends and host a fundraiser! Your efforts provide essential financial support to raise awareness, and contribute to the Real Organic Project’s growth and impact.