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Peach Mountain Organics

Spring valley, Ohio

Certified organic for 32 consecutive years, we raise vegetable starts for local gardens, vegetables and cut flowers for markets and restaurants..

General Info


Doug Seibert


1560 Richland Rd Spring valley, Ohio 45370





Date Modified

October 13, 2023

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  • Sell CSA?
  • Sell at Farmers Market?
  • On-Farm Store?

Retail Details

Farm Store Details

Friday 2-5 all year depending on crops

Farmers Market Details

Four seasons farmers market ( in Yellow Springs, ohio ) year round mkt. Saturday morning market only , hours vary with time of year

Retail/Wholesale Details

Health food’s unlimited/Dayton,ohio Tom’s market/yellow Spring, ohio DLM /in Dayton ,Ohio

Certified Products

  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Greenhouse Crops
  • Ornamentals/Flowers
  • Microgreens
  • Culinary Herbs

Certified Processed Products

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Non-Certified Products

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