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Saint Johns Organic Farm

Emmett, Idaho

Our commitment to care wholly for all creation means we tend to both our farm and cows with sustainable practices that nourish and strengthen our community and land. Our farm and cattle are certified organic, which means your family receives top-quality beef and raw milk that is free of antibiotics, stimulants, and artificial hormones. Our cattle enjoy grass hay, free choice minerals, kelp, and raw apple cider vinegar; the difference is a flavorful, highly nutritious organic beef and milk. We believe in farming for the good of people, our cattle, the earth, and our communities. Thankfully regenerative we are grateful for the wonders of the earth and are delighted to attend to the life of the soil. Grass-only feeding enriches the soil and sequesters carbon. Our careful practices protect air and water quality, use less fossil fuel than conventional methods, and have fewer pests.

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Peter Dill


2222 South Johns Avenue Emmett, Idaho 83617





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October 2, 2023

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