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Sun Tracker Farm

Guinda, California

Sun tracker farm was established in 2016 by carine and robert hines, in the beautiful capay valley of northern california. Our farm is certified organic, and boasts healthy soils from an integrated farming approach that uses pastured poultry, compost, cover crop, and crop rotation. The fertile soils, rainy springs, and hot summer weather of our climate allow us to grow diverse crops including potatoes, lettuce, and oh-so-sweet melons. Because our chickens and geese are moved to fresh pasture twice a week and benefit from produce leftovers, you will never find a more flavorful and colorful egg.

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Robert Hines


17110 Forest Avenue Guinda, California 95637





Date Modified

September 25, 2023

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Napa Farmers' Market - Saturdays Year-round, 8AM - 12PM

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Capay Valley Farm Shop, Esparto Good Eggs, Oakland Spork Food Hub, Davis

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