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The Apple Farm

Philo, California

Historic apple farm planted in 1910 with just 4 varieties. We now have more than 100 (mostly heirlooms) varieties propagated through grafting over mature trees to developing our own nursery stock. Also small vegetable and cut flower plots.

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Tim Bates


18501 Greenwood Rd Philo, California 95466





Date Modified

October 5, 2023

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Farm Store Details

All year for processed products. 9 AM to 5 PM Only closed on major holidays and during special event hours. Fresh fruit months are August through December. Peak variety time is September and October.

Farmers Market Details

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Retail/Wholesale Details

Ukiah Natural Foods, Ukiah CA--Corners of the Mouth, Mendocino CA ---The Apple Farm, Philo, CA

Certified Products

  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Tree Fruit
  • Ornamentals/Flowers

Certified Processed Products

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Non-Certified Products

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