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Nora Taleb

Before joining Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture in 2015, Nora worked in Argentina with small-scale farmers and local markets. She holds an M.Sc. in Human Ecology from Lund University, Sweden and has focused on agriculture all her professional life. She views agri-culture as the "imprint of human culture on the landscape”, as proof of the intimate relationship between people and nature. She advocates for human rights, fair trade and small-scale farming, as part of Naturland’s international work in 58 countries. Naturland has developed organic and fair trade standards since 1982 and is today with around 65.000 farmers one of the largest organic associations, 100% owned by farmers. Nora manages the team Naturland Fair with its full-supply-chain certification program combining organic standards that go beyond the NOP/EU regulation, animal welfare and social fairness under one label. Together with US partners, she works on organic integrity and farmer advocacy in North America.