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Stuart Hill

Interested in organics since 1960s, when did 1st whole ecosystem study by individual; laid foundation for my ‘ecol. soil and agroecosystem management’ work. Friend of Eve Balfour, protégé of Albert Howard and initiator of Soil Association. Mid-1970s: member of group that created International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements; speaker at 1st IFOAM Conf. (Switzerland; 1977); co-organised 2nd Conf. (Montreal; 1978); edited proceedings: published with 3rd Conf. (Belgium; 1980): 1982. 1974: established an institute of sustainable ag.; McGill University, Montreal: Ecological Agriculture Projects (www.eap.mcgill.ca); from mid-1980s taught their undergraduate course on Ecol. Ag. Supervised many MSc & PhD students, and published dozens of papers, on organics. Originator: ‘deep organics’ (1976); ‘permaculture of the inner landscape’ (1980s). Ag. projects: W Indies, French W Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Seychelles, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia.