Dear Real Organic friends,

We are proud to announce the official release of the Real Organic Project label. We have just under 500 farms approved for certification. It is a sign of farmer commitment to Real Organic that so many have been certified without a label to show! And yes, we now have a label to share with the world so you can find our nutritious products.

Watch Real Organic farmer Glenn Elzinga discover the new label on his farm!

It’s been 3 years since organic farmers were officially set aside at the National Organic Standards Board meeting in Jacksonville, Florida. The board listened to the corporations rather than to the farmers. This led to the formation of the Real Organic Project.

We told the NOSB then: “We, the farmers, are not going to sit back while the National Organic Program continues to degrade the meaning of organic.” 

Not only did we not go away, but we’ve been busy reaching out to organic farmers across the country, and the world. As VT organic farmer Davey Miskell said, “Farmers know how to get things done.” Here and abroad, the organic movement is, and always will be, soil-grown and pasture-raised.

While certifying her farm for the Real Organic Project during the 2018 pilot program, former NOSB member Jennifer Taylor told me, “They can change “USDA organic,” but they can’t take the organic movement away from us.”

Three years later, I understand her words more than ever.

Organic farmers understand that soil health, crop health, animal health, and planetary health are intimately connected. The Real Organic Project will exist until the USDA National Organic Program understands that too.

Three Spring Farm, Oklahoma (Thank you for your work on the NOSB, Emily)
“What we do is REAL!”

It’s been life-changing for us to get to know these passionate, knowledgeable, hard-working farmers. The bonus has been the number of scientists, authors, and deep environmental thinkers who support the Real Organic movement as well. We can’t wait for you to learn more from them at our upcoming January symposium.

This winter Real Organic farmers will be busy getting the label on their products and continuing to spread the word about the Real Organic Project. We are unique in that we are a labeling effort that is coming from the farmers, rather than another marketing brand. Just as it happened the first time around. As Eliot Coleman said at the Thetford Rally, “We did it once before, we can do it again.”

Thanks for your support of our farmer-led effort to protect organic! Please take the time to look below at just a few of the hard working farmers who are part of the Real Organic movement.

Yours in the dirt,
Linley, Dave, Ariel, Forrest, Ralf, and the many Real Organic farmers.

P.S. Farmers, please forward this email to your customers, family and friends to let them know about this new label coming from the organic farmers. I’m sorry if your picture didn’t make it below, it wasn’t intentional!


Hemlock Grove Farm, New York (welcome to the NOSB!)

Ole Brooks Farm, Mississippi (Thank you for your work on the NOSB)

Radiance Dairy, Iowa (Thank you for your work on the NOSB)

Ela Family Farm, Colorado (Thank you for your work on the NOSB)

Shirley Ela, matriarch of Ela Family Farms, Colorado.

Lady Moon Farms, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida

Lady Moon Farms, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida

Full Belly Farm, California

Kilt Farm, Colorado


Oak Spring Farm, Maryland

Shadowood Farms, Florida

Eden Urban Gardens, Ohio

Box Turtle Farm, Missouri

Biophilia Organic Farm, New York

Full Belly Farm, California

Full Belly Farm, California

Full Belly Farm, California

Full Belly Farm, California

Villa Creek, MAHA, California

Taul Farm, Kentucky

The Farm at Our House, Maryland

Filaree Fruit, Washington

Vibrant Gardens, Wisconsin

Intervale Farm, Maine

Adobe House Farm, Colorado

Thompson Creek Farm, Washington

Spring Thyme Herb Farm, Delaware

Marion Gardens Organic, New York

Harvest Moon Organics, Wisconsin

Long Wind Farm, Vermont

Half Wild Farm, Vermont

Trail’s End Organic Farm, Illinois

Frog Valley Tropical Fruit Farm, Florida

The Martin Family Farm, Michigan

Lockewood Acres, California

Jessen Wheat Co., Wyoming

Thompson Creek Farm, Washington

Happy Hollow Farm, Missouri

Happy Hollow Farm, Missouri

Happy Hollow Farm, Missouri

Farming Engineers, Indiana

Grindstone Farm, New York

Sally Negroni Farm, California

Good Find Farm, Pennsylvania

Cada Family Farms, Nebraska

Meadowlark Hearth, Nebraska

Kingbird Farm, New York

Alpenfire Cider, Washington

Bug Hill Farm, Massachusetts

Alderspring Ranch, Idaho

Checkerberry Farm, Maine

Mountainyard Farm, Vermont

Mount Hope Farm, Missouri

Uff-Da Organics, Minnesota

Last Resort Farm, Vermont

Last Resort Farm, Vermont

Last Resort Farm, Vermont

Lida Farm, Minnesota

Rising Sun Farm, Minnesota

Bravo Botanicals, Vermont

Spunky Ridge Ranch, Missouri

Eastview Farm, Vermont

A Way of Life Farm, North Carolina

Fulton Farms, Nebraska

Adobe House Farm, Colorado

Old Athens Farm, Vermont

Bottle Hollow Farm, Tennessee

Sweet Rose Farm, Virginia

Foraged & Sown Farm, Ohio

Terra Amico Farms, California

Alaska Navigation Services, Washington

Alpenglow Farm, Idaho

Rainbow Roots Farm, Iowa

Kane Plantation Avocados, Hawaii

Bittersweet Valley Farm, Vermont

Bittersweet Valley Farm, Vermont

Wheatfield Hill Organics, Wisconsin

Hurricane Flats, Vermont

Bow Valley Jersey, Nebraska

High Meadow Farm, Vermont

Full Circle Community Farm, Wisconsin 

Newfield Herb Farm, Vermont

That Guy’s Family Farm, Ohio

Milkweed Tussock Tubers, New York

Milkweed Tussock Tubers, New York

“When great farmers like the ones behind the Real Organic Project ask something of us, we listen.”

-Zach Wolf, farm manager of Real Organic Project certified Caney Fork Farms.


Linley Dixon
Associate Director /
Real Organic Project /