“My first thought as I began eating them was, ‘Wow, these could not taste any fresher if I had grown them myself.'”

– Eliot Coleman, Four Season Farm


Dear Real Organic friends,

Our world seems designed to put King Grove Organic Farm out of business.

When we first met farmers Hugh and Lisa Kent, we weren’t willing to share their stories. It was just too dangerous for them to speak openly. And that was hard because they have amazing stories!

Inspiring and painful stories.
Stories that make your blood boil.
Stories that make you smile.
Stories that reveal how little this country values our independent family farmers.
Stories about the mob and crooked berry brokers, agricultural consolidation, and corporate power.

Hugh and Lisa Kent and their dog look at the camera wearing white shirts and denim pants. Rows of blueberries and sky are behind them.

Hugh and Lisa Kent, stewards of King Grove Organic Farm, 20 acres of Real Organic certified blueberries.

The world of certified organic blueberries has changed dramatically in the last 7 years, much like the world of organic tomatoes.

And for the same reason. The Hydroponic Invasion. Berries grown hydroponically are cheaper to produce. No care of the soil is required. No cover cropping, mulching or composting. Less grower skill is required, as all pots of coconut husks are created the same – just add fertilizer.

In 2019, Hugh spoke at the first Dartmouth Real Organic Symposium.

200 people left the audience wanting to buy his berries. They wanted to eat real food.

They also wanted to support an endangered way of farming. But….No matter how hard Hugh and Lisa tried, we were unable to get their berries through the supply chain. The system is rigged by the biggest players.

So this year, King Grove Organic Farm is selling its crop directly to eaters. To us. Some of it will be delivered via UPS and the Post Office.

Mail delivery was tested last year with spectacular results. This letter includes feedback from some early recipients.

Now is your chance to get some of the best tasting Real Organic blueberries on the planet. Freeze some for later. Give them to your friends. Then listen to Hugh and Lisa’s stories. If Real Organic Project can’t help King Grove Organic Farm stay viable, we have failed. We are all worse off if Hugh and Lisa’s thoughtfully stewarded, humus-building acres are paved over for just another cement-covered development. Or covered with plastic to become another hydroponic factory.

Buy King Grove Organic Farm’s blueberries, give them to your friends, and know that you have done something good today.

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Acres of green blueberry plants are watered overhead by a mist of water. A light orange sunset is above them.

Real Organic: the biological system at King Grove Organic Farm, biodiverse carbon sequestering soil, tasty nutritous berries.

Square blocks of coco coir are placed in rows with plastic underneath. A tractor tire mark runs parallel to the squares.

The cheaper “organic” hydroponic competition: leveled denuded soil, imported coco coir, liquid fertility.


Two people holding red harvest cases full of blueberries smile at the camera. A field of berry bushes are behind them.

Delicious soil-grown Real Organic berries!

A semi truck with a 30ft blue box

The Real Organic seal is on the new King Grove delivery trucks.

Click below to visit the Know Your Farmer video page about King Grove Organic Farm!


Praise From Eaters:

“Ok, those blueberries were crazy good. I ate the entire box. Every one of those berries was perfect. I want to order at least 20 boxes and send them out as gifts. Whatever your price is for the box, please create a different box a little prettier and charge a 50% premium because whatever you are charging for those berries it is not enough!!!

“I am serious, I want to send out about 25 ‘COVID-19 thinking of you’ gifts.”  – Charlie Merinoff, Real Fan of the Real Organic Project

“We’ve just started eating your blueberries.  Not only did they arrive safely and fresh (good job on the packaging), they are AMAZING!  Hands down the best I’ve had.  And that’s coming from a New England kid.

Farmers like you and Dave help keep me inspired. Again, thank you so very much. Keep up the great farming!” – Zach Wolf, Farm manager at Real Organic certified Caney Fork Farms

“Can I just say, I’ve been eating blueberries my whole life. Climbing high Adirondack mountains just to pick them. But I am pretty sure I’ve never tasted a berry as delicious as the ones that arrived this afternoon.”  – Bill McKibben, founder 350.org

“The first thing to comment on is how delicious the plump blueberries are.  For the past couple of weeks, my family has been buying the Driscoll’s product at Whole Foods in Cambridge, Ma.  (On sale at $3.99 a pint, btw).  Of course, they have been mediocre, but we haven’t had a choice here in the Cambridge area. Smiles and grins from all of us.  Delicious, they are.  Thank you. – Dan Pullman, Real Organic supporter

“AMAZING! Another expression of my sincere gratitude here.

“The berries arrived in perfect condition. They taste great and perfect texture and size. And yes, count us in as customers for “pre-season” berries here up north. I know I don’t know the half of why I really should not be buying Driscoll “organic” berries at Whole Foods 365 days a year!” – John Fullerton, Real Organic supporter

“The blueberries arrived.  The best we have ever tasted!  – Will Raap, Real Organic Project supporter

“A big box of your blueberries arrived at our door yesterday, and I can’t tell you how surprisingly delicious your product is. I have never tasted berries like yours – such sweetness and big flavor!

“Oh, my sister-in-law was visiting when the shipment arrived and after I opened the box she tasted a sample. She cut off the bottom of your letter which contained your contact information so she could order some for herself. My wife has decided to hoard ours.”  – Bob Therrell, Real Organic Project supporter

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Dave Chapman
Co-Director / dave@realorganicproject.org

Linley Dixon
Co-Director / linley@realorganicproject.org