What Your Food Ate

Our June book club has two sessions focused on “how to heal our land and reclaim our health with Anne Bikle and David Montgomery”

“Their books are packed with data, interwoven with interesting stories, all of which result in a full understanding of why we need to transform the food system into one centered around soil health.” Read Linley’s letter about their fourth book, What Your Food Ate, in this week’s letter:

An image of the cover of "What Your Food Ate: How to heal our land and reclaim our health" by Anne Bikle and David Montgomery

Dear Friend,

At the Real Organic Project, we have a saying: “a carrot’s not a carrot.” Sometimes it’s: “an egg isn’t an egg.” And so on…

What we really mean is…

How food is produced, changes nutrition, communities, the planet and, well… everything!

Authors David Montgomery and Anne Bikle are experts at taking this founding organic principle and connecting it to the latest scientific research.

If you haven’t read their “Dirt Trilogy”: Growing a RevolutionDirt: the Erosion of Civilizations, and The Hidden Half of Nature, time to get reading before their next book is released this June: What Your Food Ate. 

Their books are packed with data, interwoven with interesting stories, all of which result in a full understanding of why we need to transform the food system into one centered around soil health.

An image about soil health. An illustrated brain underneath another image of plant roots. Text below the image reads: "The rhizosphere is plant intelligence in every sense of that word. There it is, out of sight, beneath our feet and we hardly even know about it. This is the key to a way of farming that we really need to be working toward."  - Anne Bikle at the Real Organic Symposium

Anne Bikle smiles at the camera with green plants behind her. Text below the image reads: "Real Organic Podcast, Anne Bikle" and ""What happens in the rhizosphere is one of the grandest symbioses that we have on this planet."    -From the Real Organic Podcast with Anne Bikle"


Did you know the rhizosphere is very much like your gut?

Or, how fiber in your colon acts like mulch in the garden?

Or, why you should think about the food that you eat in the same way that a farmer thinks about sowing a diverse cover crop?

Or how the structure of a seed is related to our modern diabetes epidemic?

All of these questions and SO SO much more are answered in their books that are based on the latest published science.

If you’ve ever said, “You are what you eat,” you might want to start saying, “You are what your food eats.”

Whether it’s a carrot, a glass of milk, a steak, or an egg, come learn from the best why nutrition changes depending on how your food was raised.

A yellow text box with black words reading: "Fertilizer will grow your biomass, but what is the quality of that biomass? When you eat food from healthy soils, you are getting microbial metabolites because of healthy root systems.       -from Anne Bikle's Real Organic podcast"

Three illustrations of plant roots next to one another. The first shows four main roots with some smaller roots connected. The center is Conventional has two large roots and several small roots connected. The right image is Composted Manure and has many more roots than the others. Text under the images reads: ""The big problem with conventional forms of agriculture is that it completely scrambles the root microbiome. The intelligence that a plant has honed over millenia just gets perverted and messed up."      -Anne Bikle at the Real Organic Symposium"

We are pleased to announce Anne Bikle as our third Real Organic Book Club speaker.

She will be discussing What Your Food Ate, at 6 pm EDT on Thursday, June 2.

The session is open to all members of the Real Friends. If you would like to join this engaging community of eaters and activists, farmers and authors, chefs and students, scientists and adventurers, please click here or the image below.

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